The truth about the Nashville Statement, and the culture’s insane freakout over it


Believing the Bible has itself become hate speech

Maybe you heard over the course of recent days that an uproar has developed over something called the Nashville Statement. The cultural/secular left is having an absolute cow over it, and left-wing politicians are jumping all over themselves to denounce it.

Yet the statement itself is entirely unremarkable. It’s a 10-article statement signed by over 100 prominent evangelical leaders that simply affirms biblical truths concerning human sexuality – covering marriage, chastity, fidelity, homosexuality and so-called transgenderism. It also makes clear that it’s wrong for Christians to tell people who are engaging in sexual immorality that it’s OK to do so. This represents a jarring but necessary rebuke to liberal Christians.

It’s worth your while to read the whole statement, which is here, but the best way to sum it up is simply this: We still believe every word the Bible says…

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