Muslim protesters clash with armed SWAT officers in China



Andy Tai



This has been floating in weibo for several days, but this seems to be the first coverage in Western media..

This particular development may cause anxiety for ethnic Han people who pay attention to development in China… The event took place in Tangshan, the city in Hebei, near Beijing, as well as near the provinces of NE China, not too far from North Korea. Tthis area, also south of Inner Mongolia, can be considered “heartland” of any Chinese regime centered in Beijing. This area has Han population as the absolute majority, possibly with minor Manchus, Mongolians and Koreans. But with little presence of Islam. Islamic areas in China are to the north west, the Huis in Ningxia or the Uigher even further away. So how does such an incident, where a Muslim demanded special treatment that should be unjustified, led to riots by Muslims against the local government buildings, where the Muslim population is few and far between? And how can such events took place under the dictatorship of the CCP, which took internal “threats” seriously, and suppressed Fa Lun Gong, which probably had larger followings in Han populations in the area?

Such events should led to more negative impressions of the Han towards Islam and made the spread of Islam wihin Han Chinese even more unlikely. But the clear demonstration of Islamic “power” in China proper would cause more Han fear and resistance towards demands for further Islamic presence, such as building more mosques in China proper.

Muslim protesters clash with armed SWAT officers in China

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