How unsafe are Muslims? – Kashmir Times

Words of Ansari have great relevance because a soft kind of Hindutva is spreading in India. Those who are at the helm of affairs are pushing the division because elections fought on the basis of Hindus and Muslims are bound to benefit the Hindus. In a farewell message the outgoing Vice-President, Hamid Ansari, has said that the Muslims do not feel safe in the country. Instead of introspecting on what he said, the RSS and BJP have denounced him. Some have gone to the extent of saying that he could migrate to a country where he would feel safe. The unkindest cut came from Prime Minister Narendra Modi who said that Ansari could now pursue his agenda. A few others, occupying high positions, also made more or less similar remarks. There was not an iota of examination by the Hindu leaders and thus a great opportunity to disarm the Muslims of their fear was lost. True, the Vice-President could have made the same remarks earlier and submitted his resignation while in office. But that would have created another kind of crisis which the Constitution experts would have found hard to sort out. That way the country would have been thrown into a cauldron of doubt and suspicion. The majority com

Source: How unsafe are Muslims? – Kashmir Times

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