The morning of 15 August,1947. It must’ve been very special for people who lived to see it. When they slept on the night of 14 August,1947, they were slaves of the Britishers. But when they woke up, they were the residents of a new, independent nation - India.

The country got its independence after 1000 years of slavery.And it was not so easy to get this freedom. For this, our country and countrymen paid a great price. Many were killed, many beheaded and several houses were destroyed and smouldered. It seems that independence became the most valuable thing.

Today, we all are free. We live and breathe in open air and proudly call ourselves a hindustani. But ,to understand the real meaning of this freedom is still difficult for me.

We have been stuck with our old believes and customs even after 70 years of independence.

The science has achieved…

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