Men, Legions, and War

My Journey To A High SAT Score

In 61Ad Suetonius who was a Roman general had 20+ different legions spread through out England. Thinking that one or even two would be sufficient enough to beat the Britons down into submission.

He took with him some German guys again and some other great swimmers to swim the river. As they were wading across the river with their horses, the Britons had been waiting for them. As they were just about half way across the river spears and other weapons were thrown at them drowning half of them and killing a few.  As they got onto the bank there was an army named after the war hero Boadicea who had trained as a war leader even though she was a woman.

Back at Gloucester and Wales, where the other 2 legions. One of the legions was in Wales and the other in Glochester. They were being beaten badly by the…

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