They; Us


If it isn’t corny,

they probably wouldn’t relate with it.

If it isn’t trending,
theyprobably won’t dig it.

If it’s not a popular view,
they won’t acknowledge it even if it’s true.

Theyallsaythey care to change something,
but when in a position to,

they make excuses or only act when it’s conveniently beneficial to their interests.

The we and us disappears; it’s always theywhen it’s flaws and pointing fingers.

Maybe they is ‘some’,

Probably it’s most;

see , I gotta be hypocritical even when airing out hypocrisy,

and try not to push those sensitive buttons of the social media-verse or avoidhurting their myriad feelings which would incur countless rants by infering by they I mean all.

I gotta be politically correct.
Then I am they.
Then I am us all.

Maybe we All transformed to They,

in fighting so hard to…

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