Seeing Visions In Meditation

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A good friend and meditation student of mine asked me an excellent question.  The question came right after I was telling him a story about an epiphany I just had about the spiritual path.  As I look back I am sure the story may have even prompted his question.  Anyway here is the question.

“I always focus on clearing my mind and listening to the inner sound during meditation.   When I hear the inner sound (aum vibration) I know I am grounded.  If I  hear it loudly and it feels like I am floating, this is even better.  I never have visions or other experiences during meditation and I never thought anything about it.  Now I’m beginning to wonder, Do you think my expectations are too low, just being satisfied with what I have?  Should he be working harder?  If so how?”

My Answer:

This is an excellent question. …

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