‘Rape is a disease’

Mehwish Qamas . . Can You Hear Me Now?



If short dresses and skirts cause rape, how does it explain the rape of those in sarees and burqas?
If rapes happen because of influence from western culture, how does that explain rapes in villages as punishments?
If rapes happen because girls roam around with guys freely, how does that explain rapes by relatives within the family?
If rapes happen because some girls are dressed provocatively, how does that explain the rape of toddlers and really old women?
The first task of the guilty is to blame the innocent. It’s an almost perfect inversion of culpability. This is also how nonsense like Not All Men starts floating around. These have to be the silliest people on the planet, to make even an issue of women oppression about them. ‘Yeah, you never molested a woman, here’s your gold medal.’
We don’t want to address the elephant in the room, which is “How…

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5 thoughts on “‘Rape is a disease’

  1. You are right. It is a disease. It is truly heart crushing to hear about toddlers getting raped. It saddens me the most. Barbarism has a new category apart from killing. I think it’s the exposure few men can’t handle and as consumers, they absorb every filth they could find on the internet. People have lost control over themselves. It’s not just about people living in villages, but it’s very hard for women to work at a place where men start gawking like an eagle for a pound of flesh. What a girl wears is her choice and totally understandable. What men do reflects their upbringing and mindset which needs to change.

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