I see your ancient face,
I feel your burning pain
O, my Africa.
Abused by foreigners, yet stoic and proud
Many a child of yours hunger in the mouth
Your face burnished by poverty and starvation
Caused by your own thoughtless seeds
Your eyes had cried rivers of tears
Like a tree planted by the oasis
You remain strong
The avalanche of your migrating offspring
Who weather through the harsh Saharan heat
In search of new slavery
Have broken your heart
Into a million pieces
While poaching threatens your forestry
Driving away the legacy of centuries’ beauty
Your lined face
Golden black, seared by the shamefulness
Corruption has lipsticked you with
Now your lips are pariah
To those who dangle banana peels
But time is now kind
Your orisons have been heard
A new Africa is born
Slowly, surely and sweetly
A new dawn beckons
Beauty from ashes
Burnished gold…

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