(Philosophy/Poem) How Do You See

How Do You See


What are you, a woman, a man, confused

What am I to you, how do you see me

Why do you think you are anything to me

How do you perceive that you are seen



Are you good, are you evil, should you even care

Are all things true, and good cause it’s your will

You and I, we see the same things, or is that true

In our both of our own eyes are we enlightened



When our eyes behold, what does it tell us we see

We just witnessed the same event, or did we

As it is said, love is in the eye of the beholder

Is truth then only in the eyes and heart of the believer

If I see evil, but you are blinded to it, is it still evil



If you know not how to see love, does it make it not there

If you choose reason and I choose faith, what is the truth

Are we both right, are we both wrong, do neither of us see

A junk yard dog, is he your protector, your puppy or your killer

Are not all things simply the result of how we choose to see them

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