How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci ( book short notes)

Dead Poets Socielty

Leonardo Da Vinci is recognized as one of the greatest geniuses of all time. He excelled in many and varied areas like art, mathematics, architecture, philosophy, military planning etc.
His accomplishments and life has been studies by many and continues to inspire thinkers
from all walks of life.

Part 1 of the book is short review of Renaissance and its parallel with our time and brief biographical sketch of Leonardo da Vinci including summary of his major accomplishments. Genius of Leonardo is brought out very well in summary of his accomplishments.
Here are some Quotes and Notes from Introduction: “Your Brain is much better than you think”
Although it is hard to overstate Leonardo da Vinci’s brilliance, recent scientific research reveals that you probably underestimate your own capabilities. You are gifted with virtually unlimited personal potential for learning and creativity.
What happens to your brain as you get older? Many…

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