(History/Poem) Galax Virginia

Galax Virginia


Galax, a pretty heart-shaped flower, a plant

Cluster of small white flowers to the eyes delight

But be careful of the stickers that can spike the hand

Pretty to the eyes, but a name known by few men



Southwest Virginia, a town, the flowers abundantly grew

Basset, Vaughn, and Webb, where hard-working families grew

Beautiful quality furnishings made in this Valley Estate

Set in Appalachia, The Blue Ridge, where Angels come to play



The people are friendly, always a nod and a wave

The rolling hills, valleys, New River, Crooked Creek

A birth place of Poetry, with so many a kind face

The World Famous Fiddlers Convention each August they play



Galax, a beautiful place to retire or to start over again

A community, a people, seemingly hidden in time

Land, homes, food, on an affordable dollar or dime

Peaceful, caring Christian demeanored folks you will find



The community like the flower, open-hearted, pretty and kind

Galax, Twin Counties, Carroll and Grayson friendliness you’ll find

Iron Ridge, beautiful green pastures, scenery frozen in my mind

The place of my birth, the place I hope my bones rest in the Lords time

3 thoughts on “(History/Poem) Galax Virginia

    1. Thank you for the kindness of the visit and the comment, I do appreciate you. Even though I was born there and my family has strong roots there I didn’t learn about the flower history until I was about 20 or so and I was talking with my Aunt Jean who was an avid flower garden person that she told me about it. Evidently Galax got its name back in about 1905. Evidently back then that flower was very prevalent in that area even though it was a rather scarce flower most everywhere else so someone must have thought it was a good name for a town. Personally I had never seen one that I know of in person so they had gotten very rare even there in SW Virginia by the 1960’s.

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