The Materialist Trap

Sky Patterson

Can you feel it? A surge of dopamine just flooded your brain like a levy giving way to a 12 point tsunami. You didn’t finish reaching an orgasm, snort a line of cocaine, or clear your plate of a king sized portion of chocolate cake; you just made a purchase, and it has your brain firing on all cylinders, lit up like a pinball machine. You feel good, real good. But like all perceived good things it doesn’t last, it tapers off, leaving you feeling duped now that you’re looking back on the recent past with unfamiliarity – as if you were in a disassociated state when your decision took its course. The promise of love, sex, escape, prestige, joy, happiness by means of a simple transaction all seemed too good to pass up, so you indulged.

Through the evolution of technology, and the more recent explosion of the industrial…

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