(Philosophy/Poem) Black Pepper’s Secret

Black Pepper’s Secret


Pinch of black pepper hides your secret

Your dark moon is full and has now risen

Much more infamous and much more addictive

The Law Mans dog howls in your sleep at night

The darkness and paranoia can drive you insane



Like a pinch of black pepper a white line to Hell

The darkness of winter the mind does strain

Darkness and madness the gray matter is smashed

Even some of the Godly get on this long black train

The Devils at the wheel as he drives you to Hell



A pinch of black pepper the smell disguised

White powder snorted straight to the brain

Ashes to ashes, you thought it was a game

White powder the black pepper shielded

Concealing the lusts that drove you insane

Your life is over before it could even begin

4 thoughts on “(Philosophy/Poem) Black Pepper’s Secret

    1. I am honored that you liked it Dolly. As you said it is a bit on the ‘dark’ side though. This isn’t where the poem started out but it gravitated into what it became. You are the first person to say anything about this poem. I don’t know if it made people mad or maybe some just didn’t understand it. As you know, some people think that everything that a person writes is a personal life experience. My experience with Cocaine has been in watching people ruin their lives with the powder and with Crack and I have learned because I listen and I pay attention.

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      1. Ted, people nowadays tend to shy away from dark thoughts and feelings because they are scared. They prefer to pretend that everything is great and wonderful, and life for them holds only roses, but without the thorns. It’s the generation of entitlement that interprets “Pursuit of Happiness” as the right to BE happy, without putting any effort to meet the challenges of life.


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