(Humor/Poem) Behind The Wheel

Behind The Wheel


The first time I noticed them

I had just turned nine years old

Reflecting gold and silver in the night

Moonlight off all their chrome



I knew that night that some day

Yes someday, the cab of a truck

Would be the place I would lay my head

Thirty years this rolling thunder was my home



For wife and child I worked hard to give home and food

At home the wife made it living hell behind the walls

Having to live in a life where the wife always spat hate

Leaves a person with broken spirit, heart and Soul



If your mind is to survive and not live a life of grovel

Get your backside in the seat, close the door, open the throttle

Back into a life in which you can learn to deal with the hate

When you put your foot down on the power depend on the Jake



Now only D.O.T. and the red and blue lights to turn your mood sour

Always got a roof to keep you our head dry no matter the weather

As you get to see our great country  from the Gulf and water to water

Sometimes you even get to see our big beautiful Northern Sister

Four years away from her now, Lord how I miss her



You work yourself to the brink of death they take your CDL

Now in my front yard I have a big shiny T-2000 KW

Each morning I awake, with no X-Wife my nerves to grate

When no one is looking I kiss the shiny chrome of my Mistress


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