The Last Country America “Liberated” From An “Evil” Dictator Is Now Openly Trading Slaves

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Authored by Carey Wedler via,

It is widely known that the U.S.-led NATO intervention to topple Libya?s Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 resulted in a power vacuum that has allowed terror groups like ISIS to gain a foothold in the country.

Despite the destructive consequences of the 2011 invasion, the West is currently taking a similar trajectory with regard to Syria. Just as the Obama administration excoriated Gaddafi in 2011, highlighting his human rights abuses and insisting he must be removed from power to protect the Libyan people, the Trump administration is now pointing to the repressive policies of Bashar al-Assad in Syria and warning his regime will soon come to an end ? all in the name of protecting Syrian civilians.

But as the U.S. and its allies fail to produce legal grounds for their recent air strike – let alone provide concrete evidence to back up…

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6 thoughts on “The Last Country America “Liberated” From An “Evil” Dictator Is Now Openly Trading Slaves

    1. I agree with you on that. At this particular point in time the countries leaders that concern me most are in this order, Iran, North Korea, China, then Russia then Saudi Arabia. I expect that within 3 yrs I would put China first on that list.

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      1. I agree with you on this. I personally do not believe that Russia, China, North Korea, and possibly a good size chunk of Iran are the real problem. What I mean by this is that I don’t believe that the vast majority of the citizens of these countries really hate America, meaning the American people. I also do not believe that the American people hate the citizens of these countries. To me, the real issue is the leadership of these countries. In Russia it is President Putin and his KGB ideology that is the main issue, not the Russian citizens just as in China the problem is the Communist Party leadership and their current President Mr. Xi Jinping who is in the process of becoming their President for life (Dictator). It is these hate filled egomaniac Leaders who are a danger to all of their own people and to the rest of the worlds population.


      2. Yes I know, the world should be very worried about the leadership in China, the only thing that the Communist Party leadership cares about is themselves and their own power. India is getting a good dose of reality about China, the rest of the world needs to wake up quickly.

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