What is the Imperative for Sustainability?

Inside Sustainability Socal

Sustainability. A responsibility to budget, in light of the constraints of whichever system we conjure to our minds. Whether we speak of our national finances with its complex institutions and power players or the local ecosystem of the Navarro River watershed in Mendocino County up north that feeds into the larger regional ecosystem, most folks can agree that budgeting any indispensable limited resource is key to our survival not only as individuals but as a species.

Why is it important to conserve in a financial respect? In its most basic respect, it is to not spend more than will allow you to continue to survive. However, humans in this day and age want to do more than simply survive. As a species, we exult in our existence. I mean, look at us: in the microcosm of geologic time for which we’ve been around, we have become the apex predator of…

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