Female Character Types Presented in Japanese Dramas

Philosopher Scientist

Before I start my graduate study this Fall, I thought brushing off my Japanese language skill might pay off good dividends on my time. And because learning a new language inevitably involves tedious and toilsome hours of memorization, I decided to incorporate watching a 30 minutes-long Japanese drama as part of my study routine. However, every time I tried to watch an episode, I could not help but getting so frustrated seeing how female characters were portrayed that I could never finish watching the entire show.

One of the most salient aspects of J-dramas I take issue with is the way female characters act and are portrayed. More often than not, a main female character lacks the personality that most real women I know possess. To be specific, in many J-dramas, main female characters portray innocent, the eager-to-please kind of personality where they constantly feel sorry for nothing, apologize for no reasons, and being polite to a point where…

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