Lost Towns and Monsters – Bimini, Bahamas

Eowyn Winter

Lost Towns and Monsters Adventures of Miss MiralI’m sure it didn’t mean anything. Anything at all.

Marc and I motored our sailboat (Alassiel) away from the anchorage that had been our Miami home for the past few days. Our customs gobbledy gook was all figured out. The weather seamed nice enough. Set course for Bimini. Engage!

Two huge work boats were ahead of us, also on their way out the Miami harbour. As it neared the entrance, one of the them suddenly and unexplainably did a u-turn and headed straight back in.

Totally didn’t mean anything. Right?

As we made our way out into the channel, the waves started to look more and more monstrous. The next thing I knew I was clutching the wheel with all my strength, with my legs braced against the side of the cockpit, as one demonic wave after another attempted to drown us in a sea of… well, seawater.

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