(Philosophy/Humor/Poem) Black Water In The Swamp

Black Water in the Swamp



Black water in the swamp have you come here to die

Mister, there is no darkness like in the swamp at night

When you see the black water move you can’t run or hide

Does a ripple in the water make a chill run up your spine

In the swamp there are many critters that can eat you alive



Black water makes the strongest of men shaky and weak

Knees clanking, teeth chattering praying for another breath

Mister calmly use your other senses if you’re not able to see

Can you feel the Cotton Mouth wrapping round your knee

Did you notice the Panther on the bank looking for a meal



Beneath the warm black waters does curiosity make you peek

Just duck under if you want to see, it’s so clear two feet underneath

That is correct Sir you are now eye to eye with twelve feet of tail and teeth

Now this warm black water in the swamp so forbidden, murky and deep

Here many learn life’s last lesson, that gator poop they were born to be

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