(Humor/Poem) Wagons West

Wagons West


Wagons west from Virginia’s foothills

Six kids and the wife packed in the rig

Four wheels of wood and banded steel

Got four mules a straining at the whip

Blue Ridge Appalachia we have left behind



Ohio river first then the mighty Mississippi

Cherokee arrows, thankful Lord, they all missed

Camping under the arch, evening sun pointing west

Wagon master hollering, everyone to get in line

If the weather holds, and no injuns attack we’ll be fine



We should all be at our new home real soon

Spearfish Dakota, in about three week’s time

Mr. Custer says is no need to worry about Sioux

Says their running scared of the bugle and the blue

The train, we got six injuns a riding our point

You can see the hate of us in their faces and eyes



Mr. Custer, on your word, the promises you made

Thirty families and mine have risked our lives

We had not yet cleared Fort Cody Nebraska

Then came the news, Yellow Hair and the 7th

Would ride these plains and hills no more



One more week we made the Black Hills

The Promised Land of gold, coal, and lumber

O yes, and several thousand Sioux on every side

Now my family and I are all planted six feet under

In this cold ground we had hoped one day to plow

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