My Kenyan Peace ✌🇰🇪

Wacheke Maina

When you walk along the Kenyan streets you will notice a few things: vendors in the streets looking for income to fend for their kids, touts who tirelessly work hard to get people in theirmatatus andyoung men and women who work hard to put food on the table. This goes to show Kenyans are diligent and hardworkers.

Kenya is a land of diversity and rich culture that is hard to ignore. 42 tribes in one country??? A country so rich that it’s not just full of hardworking people but also Kenyan spirit that can’t be shaken. A beautiful country with great scenery and wild safaris that are simply breathtaking. We are each others neighbors, brothers, sisters and friends. So why change that because of elections?? 😑

August is the month when we take our voters card as we go to elect our leaders. No matter the outcome or…

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