(Philosophy/Poem) Multiple Selves

Multiple Selves


How many people are we how many lies have we lived

How many people have we been in the eyes of others

Question asked, not speaking of Spiritual reincarnation

Do we question ourselves who it is that we have become

Is it still possible to be the person we had wanted to be



Do we ever question the paths we have chosen to walk

Do we question ourselves on places we shall soon tread

Go look, search the eyes we see in our vanity mirror

Who is this person looking back, what have we become

Child know thy self, has this truth become impossible to us



Just who in the hell are we, do we expect our lying eyes to tell

In this one life, with enough years we all live touch many lives

In the stages of our years who is this shape shifter we all become

Babies, belching, burping and farting, as we leave the cocoon

Toddlers to teens through Sainthood and on to all our adult sins



All different stages of conscience, memories yet to be lived

Some of our pain we ingest, most we lay upon others feet

These eyes in our mirror, good, bad, and sickening do they see

These lights to our Soul, who today do they say that we now be

This soul looking straight at us created all of our yesterdays

Our yesterdays and our today’s, who is it that tomorrow we’ll be

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