Coaching Games : the sad truth!


There’s a saying in Hindi,

“Vidya baantne se badhti hai,” which translates to, “education (is a wealth that) increases when shared.” It is the best wealth among all the wealths one can have.

Education is power, it is wisdom. It generates confidence and inculcates morals. Education is the key to revealing the undiscovered facts of the world, to identify yourself and to put yourself into the world.

Education has always been a part of the Indian culture. In ancient times, pupils went away from their homes and took education in gurukul. They stayed there, served the guru and learnt the sacred texts and way of life. India had universities like Nalanda, Takshshila. We had great teachers like Aryabhatta and Panini, among several others, who always considered sharing one’s own education selflessly with others as the highest ideal. As a result, we have always considered the guru to be the most…

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