(Poem) Candles



Sixteen candles, for me, it was a long time ago

Sixteen times three just a footprint in history to me

I have been blessed with well over sixty odd years

Candles of my history I  have had many good friends

Weather it be blessed or cursed, I’ve had many a good time

But the weight of my  pains could drown a grown man


Can we see clearly through the candles of our live’s

Does depression keep our vision always looking behind

We don’t know if there are any candles still ahead for us

Look ahead with your heart and your head and in the Lord trust

We can’t go back though the candles to change things we’ve done

Knowing if we could it would change many lives we have touched


Candles of time are like bridges we have blown out

Try not to carry the baggage of things we can not change anyway

For we will drown in the mire and the muck from such heavy chains

Try to always look inward and up to the Lord’s light from above

For all the candles you see are for you, they were given in love

Try to realize that each candle is a present from our Maker’s hand

Please don’t be depressed for the things you can never change

From the womb each candle was given to you by God’s grace and love

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