(Poem) Those Eyes

Those Eyes

The first eyes that we ever see

There filled with happiness and glee

Warmth in the smiles of Momma’s eyes

Those eyes do comfort and anxieties ease

First grade crushes every girl on the buses

Eyes filled with smiles and simplicity

Twinkles of glee and faces with blushes

Those eyes of adolescent crushes

Young adult eyes all filled with dreams

Hearts filled with love for your Bride

Those eyes, of a heart not yet broken

Middle age crazy our minds filled with lust

Lying here in bed with our neighbors wife

Remembering the heat and the lust in those eyes

Hearing a sound, it did not come from us

Stumble into the street everyone’s eyes looking up

There the saddest eyes I have ever seen

The eyes of the Lord looking straight at me

2 thoughts on “(Poem) Those Eyes

  1. Ohhh it sounds like the conscious is playing a tune or two here.. It’s neat how you created a scene for this poem, and the thud with which it came to a close at the end.


    1. Thank you Ms. Christy for your kind words. I am very pleased that you liked my poem and I thank you very much for taking of your time to comment. I appreciate you and I hope that you are able to have a great week ahead of you.—ted


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