Dear Mr President (POEM)



Dear Mr President (POEM)

It’s not real, it’s a conspiracy, it just doesn’t exist.
A concept created by China to destroy the US.
It’s a complete delusion and irresponsible too,
To spread propaganda and call it “Fake news”.

With higher altitudes it’ll effect you last,
Higher tides, a lack of drinking water, it’ll be slightly warmer.
Meanwhile we’ve lost Fiji it’s been reclaimed by water.

When you accept and acknowledge that the problem is there,
And it’s a lot more real than your fake head of hair.
Then we can finally get together to right our wrongs,
I would hate to imagine if we waited too long.

So with water levels rising and the earth’s surface heating up,
Two more degrees and basically we’re f—-d.
If that’s all that stands between us and total destruction,
The last thing we needed was your deduction.
By leaving an agreement that was meant to start the healing,
Of a broken planet we are all depleting.

The weather changes,
The melting snow,
The continuously growing ozone hole.
And our incessant desire to destroy our rain forests,
Demolishing trees that we actually need!

When you turn your mind away from business deals,
Profit margins and personal gain,
And recognise that the US is fifteen percent to blame.
Fifteen percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions,
Fifteen percent of the effected atmospheric conditions,
Fifteen percent of the reason why the planet wastes away,
Fifteen percent why we have a limited amount of time.

So until we reunite together and decide on a plan to fix a world in strife,
In desperate need of attention to help sustain our lives.
Remember that two degrees is all it will take to destroy everything we know,
Essentially deciding our fate.

Don’t leave it up to a man who clearly doesn’t understand,
I guess it wasn’t in the job description to care about our lands,
Or the air we breathe,
And the water we so desperately need.

But what more can we expect from a campaign,
Derived from hate with the power to segregate.
Whose ideas rested on bricks and mortar.
The ones he promised would protect the US border.
When the threat you so blatantly deny is bigger than any wall you can build to hide.


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