My Last Day on West Island, Cocos

Safira's Journey

West1 Jumping

I love the picture! It was taken by @dokterjalanjalan when we’re on West Island. Actually it was our last day in West Island. That day was also the second longest time I was staying at West Island before our flight.

west4 Me

west5 @dokterjalanjalan

We did headstand and handstand and I did posting them on Instagram for a competition who will get many likes. @dokterjalanjalan won because he made his like on the picture. Aaahhh… It’s not allowed btw. But, I should admit it he is very good in handstand, maybe it’s more interesting and challenging for people who liked the picture.

west6 Nenek in the car after saying good bye to me

Sad to leave this wonderful island. I need to leave Home Island by ferry in the early morning to go to West Island. I was grumpy for a week before leaving because I was too close with the island…

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