The Last Prayer

Last prayer
When were you said for me
Last prayer, not of just our own
But when will be the last prayer
That any of our loved ones
Utter up to God
For the likes of you and me
Our loved ones, who have gone on
To the quiet stillness
Waiting, the trumpets song to hear
What were the last prayers
That our loved ones prayed
For now only God Himself knows
Given to thee, being given to love
Given the chance to pray
Do we do it, even once a day
When was the last time
We could, we should, we didn’t
O when will that last time be
How I hope that tonight
I bow my head for prayer
If I only but knew Lord
That this would be my last prayer
Just thirty seconds left to breathe
What would we deem important enough
Upon this somber occasion to say to Thee

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