3 Things A Recently-Released Convict Needs

Soul On Rice

1. Goals: Upon release, an ex-con is going to feel one-hundred percent charged, invigorated, and rejuvenated, ready to get on with his life. It’s almost like “a natural high.” Unfortunately, that charge, that feeling, has an expiration date. When his newfound freedom becomes normal, when he has adjusted to it, when he realizes that this freedom is now a part of his everyday reality, that’s when the feeling of being “one-hundred percent charged” begins to dissipate. That is precisely when he is most likely to revisit old unproductive habits. Since the shelf life of this invigorated feeling can vary depending on the individual, it is of the utmost importance that he “hits the ground running.” Having a set of goals, ones that take him to places and levels he’s never been, has a way of extending that exhilaration, that charge. For me, that goal was to enroll in and start…

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