Service The Corporate American Way


Service, have you seen anything resembling it today

Gas, coffee, morning biscuits, factory and office we slave

Ever receive a smile or a thank you for your work today

Drive ups for breakfast and lunch, and of course, wrong change

Hope against hope, correct order maybe one time in five

So many counters your native tongue you will seldom hear

Wishing for a smile or a kind word that might lighten your day

Receiving ignoring, frowns, cursing while on their phones instead

Now unload and reload, give them your money, hurry through the line

Profane gestures and lip if perceived to be slowing their money train


Wally-World, when it comes to service taught the world how not to be

Employees catch all the garbage as it flows down from Arkansas hills

At the bottom of the latter with smiles they throw it in the workers face

Take all your money make you pack your own order no time to count change

They got all your money they snarl and hiss then push you out of the way


Home at last to enter your personal version of bliss

Kids ignore you, spouse flapping lips, hate received, no kiss

With the world outside their minds, full of hate, home at last

Your cat pee’s on your feet, your dog takes a bite out of your knee

To the basement to your kids hidden Colombian Gold

Aw the flower of our youth, before depression took its hold

Looks like Jose’ Cuervo, Colombian, and I tonight have a date


Service, a six letter word with four letter Corporate distaste

Our modern world, service only given if you pay your all to play

Poor people aren’t even worth throwing their carcass’ in a grave

Only then government and the 1% quit pushing you out of their sight

Like Trump at NATO pushing the Prime Minister out of His place



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