Especial Fasting

Emergence Era

Martyr Morteza Motahhari illustrated the terms of true fasting in his speech:


Experience one month of Ramadan and experience one real fast, just how that the  prophet Muhammad(pbuh) and his household have told us to do.

What does it mean exactly?

First of all perform the appearances of the fast which is abandoning eating, drinking, sexual relation and some other things. Of course these items we are all aware of acting upon them. But we should perform on the fast that has been quoted as “especial fast” as well. Means during this month it shouldn’t be our mouths fasting only, our tongue should be fasting as well. In Ramadan try not to speak behind anyone’s back with your tongue. Try not to lie even it has a huge benefit for you. Because fasting is not just to avoid eating!  

281prophet Muhammad(pbuh) said:

There are too many people fasting, but…

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