Iranian supreme leader talking about gender inequality!!!!

What an uneducated excuse for a man.
Iran this week celebrated its National Women’s and Mothers’ Dayand Ayatollah Khamenei held forth on his demented view of the ideal Islamic women. Khamenei denounced the very concept of women’s rights and gender equality as a Western plot against all women.
Khamenei accused Israel and the West for advancing notions of equality , which promotes earthly pleasures and the exploration of women. It appears that equality is all a“Zionist conspiracy.” Of course, such views would normally be viewed as perfectly insane but this is the religious head of Iran.

Khamenei warned that “These aberrant and neglectful people humiliate the role of a housewife while a housewife is actually in charge of raising and educating the most valuable product, which is a human being. . . unfortunately, sometimes inside the country and in some Islamic environments, tasks and expectations are ascribed to women that…

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