Top 10 Unknown Abandoned Places in the World


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Top 10 Unknown Abandoned Places in the World

The world is known for its various mysteries. There is no doubt that everyone wants to know about amazing places on earth. If you want to know about most abandoned locations on earth planet, you are on right page. Here, you will know about top 10 unknown abandoned places in the world. So, let’s have a detailed look at the top 10 abandoned or mysterious places on the earth.

1. PripyatAbandoned Places

It is considered among the most popular abandoned locations on this earth planet. This Ukrainian town is known for having a nuclear power plant. Due to issues in nuclear power plant, the residents of the city were ordered to leave the city in 1986. About 50000 people left the city and made it as the most abandoned location on the earth.

2. Machu PicchuKhbuzz

However, Machu Picchu is among the top world heritage sites in the world, but it is also considered among the top abandoned areas in the world. This world heritage site is situated in Peru country. It is also known for the oldest and most mysterious Incan civilization.

3. Gunkanjima IslandAbandoned Places

This mysterious Island is also called Battleship Island. However, it is a single square kilometer of the island, but there was a time when around six thousand people used to live here. The island is situated at the coast of famous Nagasaki in Japan. During the 1900s, the island was used as the most productive coal mine. But now, it has become an abandoned place in Japan.

4. KolmanskopSouthern Namibia

Kolmanskop is located at Namib Desert infamous Southern Namibia. It is also famous as a ghost town. This town was abandoned due to a sandstorm. There was a time when this location was considered as the best diamond mining area. But due to the decline in the diamond mining, the area was abandoned.

5. CentraliaAbandoned Places

It is another coal-mining city situated in Pennsylvania in the USA. This great town was abandoned due to a horrible fire hit. Now, it is considered among the top abandoned places on the earth planet.

6. HumberstoneChile

Humberstone is a mining town situated in Chile country. This city was founded in the year of 1862. It was considered as the most productive source of nitrate. But the problem arises when a highly affordable substitute to natural nitrate was discovered. So, the business started declining rapidly. The town is completely abandoned.

7. CracoThe Mountaintop Ghost Town

Craco is a small village. It includes a castle, church, and yes a university. This small village is located on the top of a famous hill. This village is situated at Matera region in Italy. This small inhabitant’s area was abandoned due to crack.

8. The Salton RivieraAbandoned Places

The Salton Riviera was once considered as the most beautiful area in California. It was because of an artificial lake that made this area an amazing place to live in. but nature took its hard hand in this city. The natural beauty of the city started declining due to unknown changes in nature. Now, it is an abandoned location in the USA.

9. Wonderland Amusement ParkBeijing

This amusement park is situated outside of famous China city called Beijing. The construction of this amusement park was started in the year of 1998, but now it is considered among the top abandoned locations in China.

10. Ordos CityChina

The government of China developed a modern city hoping that people would come to live there. But unfortunately, no one took interest in living in this city. Now, it is an abandoned place.

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