Filtered – My Sensory Experience

Neurodivergent Rebel

You are only experiencing the world through your own filter,
just like I can only view the world through mine.
We all have many ways to see.
There are differences between you and me.

Little noises in a quiet room. Did anyone else hear that sound?
There is a humming lamp and a high pitched screeching.
I look around at everyone sitting calmly, not a glance or a twitch.
No one else appears bothered, so my headphones come out.

Walking into the big chain store, the lights are bright and make me squint.
If I wait too long my head and eyes will begin to throb.
From my bag I pull a pair of shades, fifty percent tint to wear indoors.
They are one of an assortment of tinted glasses. Most days I have five pair.

Everyday at work I wear a jacket, even if it’s over one hundred degrees outside.

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