First day of Ramadan! World abstain, self sacrifice, purifying souls, re- evaluating lives, straiten relationship and so on. These are one of those indispensable reasons of our fellow Muslim in celebrating the Holy month.

Here in Dubai, this celebration is highly respected. Even Christians and Tourist are meant to follow some customs and traditions. Here are some Ramadan do’s and Don’ts for everyone’s knowledge.

  1. Don’t eat and drink in daylight in public. If you are not fasting you can eat somewhere in private.

  2. Smoke and chew a gum is prohibited too.
  3. Don’t wear any revealing, short or tight clothes in the public. Dress conservatively and properly.
  4. Don’t swear and curse in the public.
  5. Refrain of inappropriate shouting and laughing.
  6. Most restaurants, cafes and bars will be closed in the daylight and will open for IFTAR buffets (6:00pm/7:00pm).
  7. Work schedules are arranged during Ramadan. From 8 to 5/ 6…

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