Are rich people stupid?

Humor yourself, read this article.

The truth about money

Before I get to the topic of this post, I note that the hysteria surrounding North Korea has become comical. The items below are exaggerations, but only slightly.

Sadly, most people believe this kind of garbage. This includes most “progressives” and “anti-war” people. They echo the Empire’s lies, while trying (and failing) to “spin” the lies in a “progressive” fashion.  It’s pathetic.

Anyway our question for today is, are rich people weak and stupid?

We know they are not weak, since money is power. What about stupid? Rich people tend to vote for their own interests, while poor people tend to vote against their own interests. For example, when poor people call for federal taxes to be raised, poor people uphold the lie that the U.S. federal government needs tax revenue.  In so doing they justify politicians cutting social programs that help poor people. Clearly rich people are not weak and stupid, at least when compared to poor people. Keep that in mind…

If you Google…

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