(Philosophy Poem) Rain Drops Again: Evil Or Friend

Rain Drops Again: Evil Or Friend

(Written in May of 2017)

Here in Eastern Kentucky it has been a bit wet

I see on the t.v. the N.E. the water is running high

It’s so hot down in Florida, match sticks run for their lives

Jet Streams are a little high here yet just a little low there


Farmers look for Spring moisture, brings the Earth alive

To late to have a hard freeze, did all your seedlings survive

We all gotta have water and food, and not just two-legged kind

Or, is it all just a niche, one of the Earth’s 10,000 year twitches


Could it be these next 100 years, humanity itself will be what shifts

Could the Sahara become the next, Whole Worlds Bread Basket again

All the while the Sand Dunes in Nebraska goes on for miles and miles

Just a bloody dream, awakened by the rain again, Lord is it Evil, or a friend?



16 thoughts on “(Philosophy Poem) Rain Drops Again: Evil Or Friend

    1. Thank you Pete, I appreciate you taking the time to read my latest poem and for commenting, I appreciate you sir. You are quite welcome about following your blog, I appreciate you work you do, I hope you are able to have a great month of June, stay safe, God bless.

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    1. Thank you for your kindness Dolly, how are things in general going for you? Are you well? I have been a bit overwhelmed with material to go through and haven’t gotten through near as much as I would like to get to read. I find it a bit odd that as I have gotten older I have found that I like to read on a computer screen over reading paper. This would be true except for ‘Religious’ Books, I still like to hold them in my hands when I read them. I hope you have a great week.

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      1. It’s so nice to hear from you, Ted! I am always well, thank G-d, and if I am not, it is still fine because it is His design for me, so ultimately all is well. Would you find it shocking if I tell you that I have my prayer book and the Psalms on my tablet, and find it very convenient to use?
        I hope you are well – have a wonderful week!


      2. We have a set schedule of certain Psalms for every day of the month so ultimately we go through the entire Book of Psalms every month. Yes, it’s never a bad time, certainly!


  1. I got some of your references and some I didn’t since I’m not American. But I can tell you this. The styles is suggestive and witty. The poem flows well and I think the images it hurls at you are enough to communicate a deeper meaning about the world, its affairs and challenges especially environmentally.


    1. You are very kind, I try but I know I am not a professional anything but once in awhile I will get in a mood that I think I would like to try to write something. I saw where you reblogged the poem, thank you.

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