The Caged Butterfly…

Soul of a Gypsy......Welcome to my Journey

I was once the queen of the sky
My crown would shine every time I flew up so high
I was once a free butterfly


I was once part of the colourfulgardens
I never imagined I could ever die
My bed was a roseand my perfume the nectar
My light was thatever shining star
I was once part of amagical universe
In its beauty I would immerse

red roses

Until one day, I got captured
My tiny heart got raptured
I was promised love
I was told I will fly freely like a dove
I was promised life
I was promised dreams

Today I am a caged butterfly
Hopelessly tryingto flap my wings again
Tears drop every morning as I know the roses are enjoying the dew of dawn
And I am dying with every drop asitevaporates the land

Yesterday I was a free butterfly
Flapping my wings like there was no…

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2 thoughts on “The Caged Butterfly…

    1. It is a beautiful poem, I enjoyed the read and I wanted as many people as possible to get a chance to read it. Thank you for taking of your time to comment, I appreciate you doing so.

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