Reading Iran’s Reaction To US Missile Strikes In Syria

Jim Campbell's

Seriously, are we to be concerned with what 7th Century cultists think about the U.S. response to Assad’s use of Sarin on his own people?

The mad men of Tehran have tried to go nuclear and it’s not a matter of if they will, but when.

The Iranians mullahs are every bit as evil as and twisted as Assad and his backers.

If the United States is serious about dealing with ISIS and al Qaeda and the weapons of mass terror they supply to jihadists worldwide, then the first strike by a coalition of peace-loving countries must be ready to go.

Most of the most moderate countries in the Middle-East view Iran as a pest whose acquisition of nuclear weapons would lead to a nuclear arms race within the entire region, predictably leading to anapocalypse.

It is no secret that the arrangements with Tehran signed by John Kerry and…

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