Falafel Frida Defies Pharaoh


Sitting on his throne, the mighty and proud Pharaoh was lost in deep thought. Seven disasters, one more severe than the other, have plagued his country. Egypt was devastated.

No livestock and no crops left, the starving population is about to rebel, and here are these two guys, Moses and Aaron, threatening with yet another catastrophe – locusts! The Pharaoh’s advisers are whispering into his ears, “Your Divine Majesty Ramses, how much longer are you planning to sit here like Rodin’s Thinker? When are you going to stop swinging like a weather-wane between yes and no? Don’t you see your country is going to  a very hot place in a hand  basket? Granted, it’s always pretty hot in Egypt, and your people are expert basket weavers, but they’ve got to eat, too! Let these stiff-necked people go already!”


“Oh, okay, ” says Yul Brynner – pardon me, Ramses II…

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