The Most Unique Facts About Left Handed People

Did you know that the overwhelming majority of people on the planet are right handed? That is right! Being left…

Source: The Most Unique Facts About Left Handed People

3 thoughts on “The Most Unique Facts About Left Handed People

    1. Yep, same here. I was born in the American South in the mid 1950’s, back then, back there, left handed kids got beaten if you so much as picked up a pencil with your left hand. I was made to learn how to do everything right handed, it wasn’t until we moved to the northern Midwest when I was allowed to do things left handed. All of my life when I was presented with a new chore I have always had to think about it for a moment to try to figure out which hand I could do the chore more naturally with. The good thing about growing up this way was that I became totally functional with both hands and with both feet. This came in handy in sports from Baseball, to Karate to Judo as well as in shooting sports. So I guess there was a plus side to being beaten like that as a kid. Also I learned early on when using hand tools like a hammer that I can hammer with one hand until it gets tired then I could just switch and hammer left handed, so some things were a positive even though I never interfered with my 4 kids on this issue, one is a lefty the other three right handed.

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      1. i had a sri lankan teacher. she told me when i was 4 that the devil would ‘take’ everyone who wrote with their left hand – or had a skewy lip. so, i wrote with my right hand. i don’t write with my left hand; i don’t cook with my left hand (ok sometimes i do). I could say don’t use my right hand to play guitar – but actually you use both.


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