China: Illegal Taxi Gang Who Would Take Customers For ‘A Ride’ Has Been Busted


Illegal taxi gang busted

THE city’s traffic law enforcement team busted a gang operating fake taxis near Jinhai Road Station on Metro Line 12.

Six vehicles were seized and five suspects put under administrative detention by the police, the authority said, adding that the suspects would also lose all 12 points on their driving licenses. A sixth suspect escaped.

The vehicles had illegally installed fake taxi signs, meters and false plates. More than 60 officers of the traffic law enforcement team and a further 30 local security staff took part in the crackdown last Thursday.

The authority said the crackdown was launched after receiving a report from a passenger, who claimed to have been charged 41 yuan (US$6) for a journey of about 3 kilometers from the Metro station to Jinxiang Road — three times the normal price.

The passenger alleged that the “taxi driver” claimed “if it was at night and you still refused to pay, I would rob you directly. The car is a fake taxi.” For good measure, the driver is alleged to have added his car couldn’t be tracked.

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