Secret agenda behind the helping hands

Words and Notion


“How helpful she is! “.

“He only paid the entire hospital bills. How great he is!”

You might have heard these kinds of conversations. Have you wondered thinking about the greatnessof that helper?

But before judging their greatness, have a keen eye upon their helpful deeds.

In this self centered world, there is very little chance to be helped sincerely without a hidden motive in the helper’s mind. You may disagree with me wearing the shoe of a genuine helper. So obviously exceptions are there. But now let us think on those helping hands who have some secret agenda behind them.

Yes, it is there, whether you realize it or not. There is a secret agenda behind almost every helping hand.

And the most evil thing is when someone makes you believe that ‘you are helped by them while in fact he/she hasn’t played any role at all’.

What could be…

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