For Those Of You Who Have Survived The Past 60 Years Here On Earth With Me


Holy cow folks, what a ride life has been for those of us fortunate enough to have been allowed to ride it. Think of all of the things each of us have lived through. For me, I was in second grade in Nov of 1963. Bobby and Dr King, I was 11. Nixon, China, still a kid. Vietnam and the Draft ended when I was 16.

Now these days and it seems that Russia is becoming a ‘dirty word’ in D.C. politics. Who knows, who even cares these days about what is honest or not, or just a good story. Ethics in our world seems to be only a distant memory of our childhood lives. Life is still primal above all else, what will people do in their attempt to keep the wolf out of their kitchen or into their bed. Humans have proven to be fascinating creatures, both good and bad. So many mass murderers, so many wars, so many lost lives, why, what for? Just a couple of years ago I watched a Documentary about the dollar cost to the U.S. Treasury of the U.S. led War in Afghanistan. Up to that given point in time it was $1.1 Trillion. worse was the next statement the announcer gave, he said that about 90% of the people in the country only had no more than one extra change of clothes. If those stats are correct and it wouldn’t shock me if this story is validated, its sickening. I/we are the generation of a lot of ‘awakening’ of our Country.


We’ve seen Vietnam on our family T.V.’s every night, we watched Saddam smile as he hid behind children. We all most likely can remember where they were at when we first seen and heard the audio on 9/11, then there was 5/01/11, I believe this is the day Osama lost his head. We watched Elvis live, and die. Two of the Beatles are gone. We have actually had a professional Actor become our President, no it is not President Trump, I said a professional Actor. I was speaking of Ronald Reagan of course, and we have had a ‘shocker’ of course in the election of a half Black and half White Social Worker from Chicago as our President, for two terms. We have seen ‘A Polish Pope’, we heard Johnny Carson say, good night. Now we and our children and theirs will be at war until the ‘end of days’.


I hope that each and everyone of you were able to relate to these or maybe other events in your personal life. Another one for me is the Belvidere Tornado of April 21st of 1967. There are great moments of glory like the birth of your children and your grandchildren and there is crushing heartache like the deaths of so many loved ones. I thank God everyday that I believe in Him and He in me and I feel so sad for those who beat their own chest and brag their own names. These people are dead already and they don’t even know it. This is not some kind of a suicide note, I do not believe in the ethics of suicide so that will never ever happen. I’m just reminiscing with some old friends about some of the stars and highlights and low points of our own lives. All people who have taken of your time to read this article I would like to just say thank you. I hope it gave you some smiles, and a few good memories.

8 thoughts on “For Those Of You Who Have Survived The Past 60 Years Here On Earth With Me

    1. Thank you for the kindness of your visit, I am glad that my words brought a smile or two to your heart. Memories, the eyes of our memories, are our years. We all possess the remembrance of our evils it is the owner of our souls that fights for us in our dreams.

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  1. Good Post, although I have a slightly different take on “OUR” good ol’ days, due to the fact that our “news” has been way off-kilter for quiet some time.
    Now let’s take the Bacha Bazi (The translation means to be interested in children.), so lets call them The Dancing Boys Of Afghanistan, need I say more????
    You mentioned Saddam hiding behind Children, why was he executed????
    Saddam cared enough about the HIV/AIDS epidemic in that country, that he built a huge stockade, and everyone that had tested positive, went to live out their lives in that place.
    So tell me honestly, you sure didn’t know this back then….
    Take a break for just a minute, you remember Tom Terrific and his Mighty Dog Manfred???? Tom would put on his thinking cap (a big funnel).
    OK, this hurts too bad to remember “the good ol’ days”, so I am going to cut this short, if you want to continue, maybe at a later date, but right now I want you to close your eyes, and think about Jane Fonda on that anti-aircraft gun….
    THAT puzZle piece will never fit.
    Good Old Days????
    This really is a great post, keep up the great work,


    1. Robert, great post Sir. Mainly on this site I just try to get people to thinking for themselves. I appreciate you taking of your time to stop in and read and for taking of your time to make the great comment. I hope you have a great weekend.


        1. Robert that is very kind of you, it is indeed humbling to hear such kindness from my readers, sir I appreciate you very much. Thank you for taking of your time to visit, and to comment. If you ever have any questions you would like to ask me about anything I will always do my best to give you the most correct answer I know of. I know that I am not the brightest bulb in the package, but one thing I will always guarantee you and that is that for no reason will I ever lie to you. To me that is all that a man really has in life, his word, his honor.

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          1. OldPoet56, you are very welcome My Friend! You are a Man that I would enjoy riding the river with, it seems we have very much in common!
            Keep up the great work!


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