The cross was not an afterthought

One Hired Late In The Day

We are finite beings who are restricted by existing in time; we think linearly. Because we are fallen we think imperfectly, our thought process affected by our sin nature.  God exists outside of time; He is infinite.  He is perfectly holy and without sin. Therefore, when we want to understand biblical truths we need to make sure that we are not filtering and framing scripture with our finite, limited, fallen minds.  We need to be careful that we don’t operate from a man-centered view.  Instead, we do well to operate from a biblical, God-centered view, recognizing that there are things that infinite God can reconcile in His mind that we simply cannot.

 With this in mind, let’s examine the question: was the cross an afterthought, a plan B?

Did God have to come up with a remedy after Adam and Eve sinned in the garden?  Was the plan of the…

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