Foods and Lifestyle Changes For Controlling High Blood Pressure / Hypertension

HBF Life

High blood pressure, medically termed as Hypertension, is a serious health ailment that has been affecting people worldwide. If not treated timely can increase the risk of heart attacks , strokes, diabetes , heart failure, vision loss or metabolic syndrome.

While medications and pills are available, they may cause side effects like insomnia , leg cramps, anxiety and dizziness. Fortunately, naturopathy and lifestyle changes have greatly aided in lowering high blood pressure.

The below methods are helpful in keeping hypertension at bay.

1.Weight loss - Having excess body weight puts pressure on the walls of the artery. Thus , obesity is directly proportional to hypertension and any increase in weight can be dangerous. So first and foremost ,we need to keep a check on weight . Few tips on weight reduction panacea ,are given in the link below.

Techniques to reduce weight

2.Reduce Sodium or salts intake

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