Extremely British Muslims – My Perspective on Marriage

J.S. Cherfi

I finished watching the first episode of ‘Extremely British Muslims’ – the documentary on channel 4. After watching ‘Muslims Like Us’ recently on BBC and now this, I am beginning to see a trend. Documentaries which are supposedly made and broadcasted with the aim of reducing stigma and segregation within British society but do very little to actually address anything.

I finished watching the episode feeling that it did not represent me at all. The programme was partially focussed on Pakistani culture within the Muslim community in Birmingham but didn’t explain this – it was simply conveyed as Islam.

The topic of the episode was about marriage within Islam and specifically how the young generation of Muslims are finding it difficult to find spouses in this day and age. Apparently, young Muslims want to find a partner in more western ways but are merely trying to please their parents and…

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