Rosa Parks and objective morality 

The Isaiah 53:5 Project

I have read a few blogs posts about morality lately and, as I often am since I’ve grown tired of jumping into the fray, have been a silent lurker in a few comment threads following the posts.

Fascinating discussions to be sure but also mind-numbingly futile given that both sides always argue from one of two unchanging and uncompromising presuppositions.

1. If one believes in God and that God is the ultimate law giver, objective morality is a no-brainer.

2. If one lacks a belief in God there can be no ultimate law giver, therefore objective morality cannot be possible.

Anyone who is familiar with this blog should know what I believe about objective morality without question so this post is not intended to make a case. So instead of taking this as support for a known quantity I urge readers, regardless of what they believe, to consider it as…

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