Encounters with like-minded travellers !!!

Miles from our home

img_20160912_123311We travel, some of us to escape routine life, to wander and to seek inner peace !!!

The Road That Never Ends

My very first post, an experience to remember forever.

While returning from Tso Moriri (Karzok) on 7th September, my bike’s ignition key broke in two pieces due to the heavy vibration on off roads. It was 50 KMs before Pang, no mechanical help for next 300 KMs. No sign of life for next 30 KMs. There was no way we could start our engine because i didn’t have a spare key. But there are people who are always there to lend their hand. We met three cool people. Fabian from Switzerland, Ralf from Germany (To my right) and Angelina from vietnam. These guys somehow managed to break the ignition which made it free and loose and could start the engine with broken key, which was the only option…

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